Sakhya Women’s Guidance Cell

Establishing gender equality and gender justice in society


The main focus of work with individuals is to help women to help themselves. In that it seeks to forge a relationship with the women and thereby tap her personal reservoirs, enhance her coping capacities, develop community support groups.

Activities :

  • Individual and joint counseling
  • Providing immediate relief and facilitating hospital    care
  • Institutional referrals
  • Provide Legal Aid
  • Assisting in the registration of NCs and FIRs

    1. She …. Refusal to be an easy prey!

    Shilpa a widow since three years was referred to Sakhya by another person who was aware of the services of Sakhya. After the death of her husband, Nilesh showed interest in her and approached her with a marriage proposal. Initially she too showed a liking for him but eventually began to realize that he was not genuinely interested in her and was a fraud. Incidentally on the other hand his divorce case is pending in the court. Nilesh also had approached her parents one and half year ago and has been trying to convince them. However Shilpa declined his offer as she did not find him compatible and hence had expressed her unwillingness to marry him. Despite her refusal he has been stalking her. She has confronted him on several occasions; he has further threatened her of dire consequences if she is adamant and refuses to marry him.

    She was counseled for her mental distress and further informed about the provisions in the law to file a complaint. However at this point in time she just wanted to seek guidance and emotional support. She then informed Nilesh that she has sought help from Sakhya and has registered her case in the organization. After this incident Nilesh has stopped stalking her and intimidating her.

    2. Time to call it quits

    Yogita Lavte age 32 married for 16 years is a victim and survivor of domestic violence in her marital home. Her husband is HIV positive. Inspite of her refusal to cohabit and be sexually active, he abuses her sexually even without the use of contraceptives. He has been physically and sexually abusing her; the children too have been tormented by the persistent abuse. Whenever she refused him any money he has hit her. Finally she decided to call it quits and left her marital home and began staying with her mother. Even that did not stop him from harassing her and abusing her.

    She came to Sakhya through a campaign. Her emotional needs were met through counselling and she was given legal guidance. Yogita is determined to end the marriage without any compromise. She also refused for a joint session with the husband claiming it to be futile. Hence she has filed for divorce in the District Legal Service Authority and the process is on.

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