Groups and Community Outreach
Work with Communities

Community work implies work with individuals and their support networks to make it easier for them to make healthier choices. Community involvement is crucial to the future success of investing in collective human resources, to build resilience. Our efforts have been geared to sensitize communities, to foster a sense of belonging, and start a process by which a community articulates its own needs and seeks to organize actions to address those needs.
Constant meetings, home visits, training sessions, workshops and special programmes held in communities with women have resulted in developing leadership qualities among them. The women who are financially independent have begun to take decisions by themselves. The sessions mainly focus on creating awareness about women status, gender based violence, stress management, Cyber crime, Parenting, women and law, group bonding, leadership and personality development etc. Given below is a snapshot of the community interventions:

Livelihood Support
Community Sessions
Exposure Visit
Training of Trainers
Nurse and Housekeeping staff training
Work with Groups

The issue of gender discrimination is all pervasive, in every aspect and sphere in all areas. Hence it is a prerogative of Sakhya to permeate into these systems to ensure that trainings are conducted not only to create awareness and sensitize the masses but also to prevent perpetrators of violence. The groups comprised of the youth in schools and institutions, corporate groups, NGO staff, hospital staff, ward boys and nursing students, police and ICDS / Anganwadi personnel.

Session on Cyber Crime with Students
Workshop for Healthcare Professionals
Session on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace